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Point of View - 2004-02-06


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    AUSTRALIA: Sydney

    Media release issued by Australian Young Christian Workers

    'Cast out caste' & let the UN speak about it, India!

    The Australia Young Christian Workers with the Asian Human Rights Commission wants the Indian government to permit the 'Caste system' discussion to be put onto the agenda of the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    "The Indian government does not want its reputation tarnished by the world finding out that 200 million of its people experience permanent discrimination from birth, and so has undertaken every possible means to prevent the issue from being raised. We need to make it known that his issues needs to be raised at the international level." Said Project

    Coordinator, Asian Human Rights Commission, Tim Gill

    "Dalits are subjected to gross human rights violations on a routine and systematic basis. India's version of apartheid and racism." says National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights.

    "AYCW urges people to write to the Indian High Commission to voice the need for the Indian government to stop it's blocking of the discussion of the plight of the Dalits people at the up & coming WCAR conference. The World day of action is to be held this Tuesday [3rd July, 2001]."

    "We must be working to bring about the end to the oppression of all people and the WACR gathering is a brilliant time for this to be happening" says Felicity Smith, National Secretary of the Australian Young Christian Workers.

    "Working for the eradication of oppression of all people's is part of the struggle to bringing peace to the world. India must allow us to take this opportunity at WACR to speak openly and honestly about the situation of the Dalits."

    "In our action we are acting on behalf of 240 million men, women & children whose daily lives are affected by the most degrading jobs and most oppressive circumstances. 1 in 4 persons in India is condemned to be untouchable and in a society that is supposed to have equal rights this is not acceptable. India must allow for the WACR to speak freely." Smith concluded.

    Posted on 2001-07-18
    World Conference Against Racism @ Asian Legal Recources Centre
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