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    USA: Chicago

    "We appeal to the United Nations and all the Member States to pay attention to this serious issue and help all concerned nations to restore human dignity to the communities affected by the Caste System."

    Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America

    A large gathering of over 400 NRIs including Dalits and other progressive Indians living in Chicago area have decided to join the Global Community in making its "Global Action Day" a grand success. This meeting was held on July 3rd under the chairmanship of Dr. Rahul Deepankar, who is a noted Dalit leader and Chairman of New Republic India International. The attendees registered their strong protest with the Indian Ambassador H.E. Lalit Mansingh against heinous crimes and atrocities committed on Dalits. Dr. Rahul Deepankar along with the community submitted a memorandum to the Government of India through Indian Ambassador to the United States of America. The Ambassador, Mr. Lalit Mansingh, himself addressed the community along with Mr. Surendra Kumar, Consul General of Chicago.

    Posted on 2001-07-18
    World Conference Against Racism @ Asian Legal Recources Centre
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