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Point of View - 2004-02-06


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    MIDDLE EAST: Israel

    This event was organised by Dianne Luping of the NGO ‘LAW’ – Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment:

    We met today with the First Secretary of the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv to discuss issues regarding Dalits and presented to him the letter previously sent by Tim signed by representatives of Palestinian and Israeli civil society. We asked him to also relay the letter and the fact of solidarity from Palestinian/Israeli NGOs to his government representatives in Delhi, Geneva and to South Africa, which he confirmed he would do. He had a very sad lack of knowledge as regards issues on Dalits, in particular cited the fact of an Indian President who is a Dalit and reference to non-discrimination in the Constitution as 'proof' that there is no discrimination. We discussed in some details key concerns raised by Dalits.

    Posted on 2001-07-18
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